About us

Restaurant Klīversala at the Castle of Light

Our new National Library of Latvia building unites so much – the legend of the Castle of Light and Golden Mountain, the library itself as a building, and the place where it has been built. It narrates a story of happiness, love, wisdom and freedom. In the creation of the restaurant interior, we treated the idea of architect Gunārs Birkerts, as well as the interior already in place, with respect.

The Concept

The concept of the restaurant is unique, because its premises undergo transformations every day – it is a contemporary self-service bistro with democratic prices during the day, but at the same time – during the day and in the evenings – it is a restaurant with a creative atmosphere and the highest level of service. We also organise various closed events by adapting to the needs of our customers.

Food offer

Traditional Latvian dishes made in new and contemporary style are included in the menu of the restaurant. We regularly offer various special or seasonal offers. While preparing food, we try to use only the best local products. The excellent view of the River Daugava and the Old Town of Riga is a pleasant supplement to our tastes and the sensation experience at Klīversala restaurant of the Castle of Light.